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Libel’s wide range of sun control solutions is available in a variety of materials each with their unique characteristics, features and design elements.
There are virtually no design limitations. Most solutions are available in, or can be combinations of aluminum, steel, wood, fabrics, stretched metal, glass and mesh, all in a variety of forms and shapes.

Roll-formed and extruded aluminum offer Architects and Designers a wide spectrum of possibilities to create their unique design.

Wood is a natural product available in a variety of species and colors with a combination of practical solar control and stunning aesthetics.

Glass is available in an array of colors, finishes and coatings. It provides excellent visibility and contact with the outside world.

Fabrics are lightweight and allow for large spans. The wide range of colors offers a unique solution for both internal and external sun control systems.

Mesh & Stretched Metal:
Meshes and stretched metals create a distinctive appearance and eliminates direct sunlight while offering excellent visibility. Meshes are used externally or internally to create a unique architectural feature or as a filter for heat and light.

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Andrew Serhal
Kial Corporation